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R & D Center Introduction

    Anhui Hongling intelligent instrumentation research and development center is composed of Anhui Hongling electromechanical instrument ( Group) Co., Ltd. established private non enterprise scientific research units in 2003, approved by the Anhui provincial science and Technology Department, the Civil Affairs Bureau of Anhui province official registration, Chizhou city is the first private non-enterprise institutions. The registered capital of 500000 yuan, about 4800000 yuan of funds have been put into scientific research.

    Research and development center has professional and technical personnel 23 people, technical personnel with senior titles 5 people, since the establishment of the center, the project won the two prize of provincial science and technology progress prize 1 times, 1 times the Municipal Science and technology progress. In 2005 by the Anhui provincial economic and Trade Commission awarded the provincial enterprise technology R & D center. After several years of development, the center now has assets of 3600000 yuan, including 1600000 yuan of fixed assets.
    The center is mainly engaged in intelligent instrument development and technology promotion, to carry out the major projects of the optimization of the project of intelligent IC card gas meter, the research and development of intelligent heat meter and the promotion of the project, research and development projects of flow and temperature sensor,. The center provides the intelligent IC card gas meter technology support has now entered the market 200000, Anhui Hongling electromechanical instrument ( Group) Co., Ltd. the new output value about 60000000 yuan, intelligent heat meter is currently and foreign negotiations, is expected to go out of the country by the end of this year, export.
    Center as Anhui Hongling electromechanical instrument ( Group) full-time technical research department Co. Ltd., more to the development of new products and new technology of the company and the utilization, with strong R & D strength, undertake research and development for the related enterprises more work.

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