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China plans to 2015 to achieve urban and rural various price with the net electricity
來源:新聞中心 發表時間: 2013-01-24

In new network on 23 January, according to gov.cn news, general office of the State Council issued 23 " energy development " 1025 " planning ". Planning released a major target for 2015 of energy development, including the total energy consumption and efficiency, energy production and supply capacity.
Notification requirements, in 2015, for the implementation of the total energy consumption strength and double control, the total energy consumption of 40 tons of standard coal, electricity consumption of 6.15 kwh trillion, energy consumption per unit of GDP fell by 16% in 2010. Improve the comprehensive efficiency of energy to 38%, thermal power supply standard coal consumption dropped to 323 grams / kWh, refining and processing energy consumption down to 63 kilograms of standard oil / ton.
In 2015, focus on improving the level of security requirements, enhance the emergency regulation ability, moderate advance deployment of energy production and supply capacity building, an energy supply capacity of 43 tons of standard coal, of which domestic production capacity of 36.6 tons of standard coal. Degree of dependence on foreign oil within 61%.
Notification requirements, 2015, increase the proportion of non-fossil energy consumption ratio to 11.4%, non - fossil energy power generation installed proportion reached 30%. Improve the natural gas share of total primary energy consumption to 7.5%, coal consumption is reduced to about 65%.
To speed up the construction of Shanxi, Erdos ( 8.78, -0.06, -0.68% ) basin, Eastern Inner Mongolia, southwest, Xinjiang five national comprehensive energy base. By 2015, five major bases of primary energy production capacity reached 26.6 tons of standard coal, accounting for more than 70%; output of 13.7 tons of standard coal, accounting for the national inter-provincial transport volume 90%.
In 2015, for carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP than in 2010 decreased by 17%. Coal sulfur dioxide emissions per kWh dropped to 1.5 grams, 1.5 grams of nitrogen oxide emissions down to. Fine particles of energy development and utilization ( PM2.5 ) emission intensity decreased by more than 30%. Coal mine land reclamation rate of more than 60%.
According to the notice, 2015 will be the full implementation of the new round of reform of rural power grid upgrading, and all kinds of electricity grid. Administrative villages with electricity, no population in all the electricity, natural gas use a population of 250000000 people, the level of basic public services energy significantly increase.
In 2015, achieved new breakthroughs in power, oil and gas and other key areas of energy price reform, the market-oriented reform has made new progress, energy taxation mechanism to further improve the energy laws and regulations, policies and standards is basically sound, initially formed to adapt to industry management system need energy to scientific development.

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